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It's been a week.

Hello LiveJournal Dreamwidth!

I noticed recently that LoudTwitter has stopped shipping Twitter updates here, probably to the relief of many. I still check in here and read y'all a couple times a week, but in my constant uptick in busy-ness it's been difficult to be as engaged on LJ as I've historically been, especially having taken an extended leave of absence as Fats mod.

So! The important bit of news: I am writing a book, for The Feminist Press. I know, it's about time. My deadline is technically March 1 but my plan is to get it done by early December, because I know I can, and because the earlier I deliver, the better my chances of seeing it on shelves next fall. So now I have to get on a strict writing schedule, which I'm actually looking forward to.

This is where you can find me:
Facebook (and if we are not Facebook friends, please add me!)

That's it. Hope y'all are well, those of you still around. xo

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i went over to DW.
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That is so so so fucking exciting! Book party at Re/Dress!