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Paypal only. Cat-friendly household. Priority Mail based on zip. International buyers welcome. I ship on Saturdays. Package will ship after payment clears. 20+ items under the cut.

1. Avenue dress, new with tags. Black knit with cowl neck. Size 22/24. $23

2. Igigi "Love Story" dress in "Astral Blue". Who comes up with these names? New with tags, would better fit someone more hourglassy than I. Size 28. $50

3. New with tags dress from Fashion Overdose. I bought this at Re/Dress earlier this year and though I love it, I haven't worn it once since. I think it's just not my style. It has a wonderful full circle skirt. Size 4X. $27

4. This dress has lost its tags, but I've never worn it. Black tiny-ruffle dress from Lane Bryant. Size 26. $30

5. eShakti sleeveless ruffle-neck dress in a deep purplish-burgundy. Worn and washed a couple of times, needs ironing as it's been folded in a storage box. Size 26. $16

6. eShakti wrap dress in maroon. Worn and washed once, needs ironing. The hem of this dress is purposely assymetrical, but it didn't work on me as the waist is a little too small. Size 26. $16

7. Retro-print dress from B and Lu, new without tags. Size 5X but runs more like a 4X. $20

8. Mod-print shift dress from Jessica London. Worn and washed a couple times. I may actually keep this if nobody jumps on it; I dig it a lot, I just haven't worn it in a long time. Size 26W. $20

9. Blue tie-front dress from SWAK Designs, new without tags. I love this color in theory but it doesn't seem to love me back. Size 4X. $16

10. Vintage floral shirtdress in poly knit. Some pilling; good condition. Fits like a 4X. $16

11. New without tags zebra-print surplice top from Torrid. Size 3. $12

12. New without tags black stretch velvet top by Hot Kiss, from Torrid. Size 3. $12

13. Acid-wash grey stretch denim halter vest from Torrid. That's a mouthful. Worn and washed once. Size 4. $12 (Dress in pic listed above.)

14. Angel-sleeve cardigan in cream, from Torrid. Never worn, though a little wrinkled from storage. Size 3. $14

15. Shiny black leopard-print leggings from Torrid. New with tags. Size 4. $16

16 x2. Junonia Quikwik wicking tee in white. I actually have two of these to sell, and they were the subject of much ranting on the exercise episode of Fatcast. Size 2X, runs super big though, more like a 4X/5X if you want them fitted. $26 each (Normal price around $40)

17. New with tags skirted swimsuit from Jessica London. This is a seriously nice suit, but my boobs just can't fit it out. It's sort of awkwardly pinned to my dress form to give you an idea of the shape. Size 26W. $37

18. New without tags moveable-strap bra from Avenue. You can shift this from the standard strap arrangement to a halter to a cross back. Size 44B. $16

19. New with tags wedges from Crocs. Deceptively cute, and still comfortable. Size 10. $16

20. Handmade silver leather oxfords from Etsy. They run just a teense too narrow for my slightly-wide foot. Benefit from my experiment! Size 10. $16

21. Huge faux-leather white bag, from Target. Never worn. I love this bag, I just wish I'd gotten it in a different color, as white's not really my thing. $10

I'm happy to supply measurements or more info on any of the above, just ask! Thanks for looking.
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